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Are walking sticks good for seniors?

Are you wondering if walking sticks are good for seniors?

And can they live an active lifestyle while aging gracefully?

Well, in this informative write-up, I'll answer these questions by focusing on the topics below:

  • The benefits of walking sticks to senior citizens
  • And factors to consider when choosing a walking stick as a senior


Becoming a senior is a natural order of life. Sadly, no one can escape this reality. Also, it's a stage of honor, especially for those who have impacted their societies positively. Yet, it's a stage of life dreaded by many. And this is because of the many challenges it comes with.

One such challenge is mobility and movement. And regardless of social standing, this one health condition affects all. The problem is even worse for inactive seniors. Unfortunately, this is the lifestyle for most elderly persons, which comes with several health concerns.

For instance, inactivity among the aged may lead to diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and heart diseases. Also, others may suffer from weaker bones, stroke, and arthritis. Therefore, elderly persons must avoid a sedentary lifestyle to curtail these health issues.

Thankfully, all hope isn't lost because a walking stick can be handy in these golden years, and it can support and bring you back to an active lifestyle as a senior citizen. However, while aging with grace, you might wonder if a walking stick is good for you at this point.

The resounding answer is yes. Studies have shown the remarkable benefits of walking sticks among the elderly. With this in mind, let's look at some benefits that seniors can enjoy while using walking sticks. But remember, this isn't an exhaustive list. So, without wasting time, let's itemize these benefits.

1. Walking Sticks Help Balance Blood Sugar Levels In Seniors

Because of your unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, you are more likely to suffer from diabetes. So, controlling your blood sugar level is crucial to healthy living. And walking with a stick is one way of managing your blood level. In addition, walking helps with your blood circulation and balances your blood sugar levels. As a result, your body's insulin functions are at their healthy range. Interestingly, besides diabetes, you're also protected against heart attacks.

2. Walking Sticks Help Improve Posture In Seniors

Most seniors are likely to fall when walking without aids. However, you're better off with a walking stick. It would keep your balance and stability while improving your posture. A walking stick does this by tightening the muscles in your upper back. So, you'll feel more comfortable and safe whenever you step out. Also, with a walking stick, you aren't alone.

3. Walking Sticks Help Burn Calories In Seniors

Strong evidence shows a link between calories and obesity. And the latter is common among older adults. Sadly, obesity puts people at risk for stroke, arthritis, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. In addition, it can lead to heart diseases and high blood pressure. Luckily, seniors can reduce these risks by using a walking stick. Using a walking stick for an hour will burn about 210 to 360 calories. This will help reduce weight, improve stamina, and fight against related diseases.

4. Walking Sticks Help Reduce Joint Pains In Seniors

Unfortunately, most seniors would feel pains along their joints. Mainly, this is caused by several factors—injury, infections, diseases, arthritis, etc. However, you can reduce the strains on your joints—hips, knees, spine, etc. A walking stick does this by offloading the weight into your upper body. As a result, you can walk faster, pain-free, and far.

5. Walking Sticks Help Provide Stability And Balance to Seniors

There's a higher chance most seniors may find it hard strolling on uneven surfaces. Thankfully, you can reduce this incidence by using a walking stick. For instance, it would maintain your balance and stability on these rough terrains. In effect, it would reduce your chances of falling.

6. Walking Sticks Help Provide Self-Defense to Seniors

Dangers are unpredictable. Therefore, it would be hard for most elderly persons to defend against them. For example, let's take an attacking beast. How can the aged guard against it? By using a walking stick, you have a weapon against this enemy. So, a walking stick offers you a sense of personal protection against a looming enemy.


7. Walking Sticks Help Seniors to Enjoy Social Integration

Aging is a period of isolation and loneliness. And it's a hard pill for most seniors to accept. Sadly, it's one of the chief causes of death among the elderly. However, joining a walking stick workout with loved ones can mitigate this canker. Again, this regular walking exercise would improve your self-esteem and overall well-being.

8. Walking Sticks Help Reduce Tension And Stress In Seniors

Walking is a stress and tension reliever. Therefore, it promotes the release of endorphins, which improves your mood. In addition, nature greets you with fresh oxygen whenever you step outside, and this increases your energy levels while reducing anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

As a senior citizen, these are just a few benefits you can get by using a walking stick. However, it would be suicidal to choose a walking stick that isn't suitable for you. So, to avoid any problem, use the following factors to pick a proper walking stick for your condition.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Walking Stick As A Senior

1. Consult With A Doctor:

Each person's condition is unique. Also, there are various mobility aids suitable for each situation. So, it's best to talk to a medical expert to ensure a walking stick can suit your specific condition. As a result, this decision will save you money and time.

2. It Should Measure Correctly:

The height of a walking stick is crucial to keep the body's weight in check. Therefore, it shouldn't be too long or short but suitable for the user's height. This would ensure maximum balance, stability, and pain-free. Measuring from the wrist to the floor gives you the required size. However, remember to stand upright in your regular shoes with arms by your side. 

3. It Should Provide Balance:

As a senior, the primary aim of using a walking stick should be for balance and stability. So, you shouldn't pick a walking stick that deviates from these qualities. Remember, any suitable walking stick would offer immense support to your body. For instance, it would improve your posture and strengthen your upper back muscles.

4. It Should Be Lighter:

Here, you need to factor in the stick's weight. That's because it will become your walking companion for many years. Remember, the lighter the walking stick, the better for your usage. For instance, a more lightweight stick will ensure free movement while preventing fatigue. 

5. It Should Come With A Comfortable Handle:

You can't enjoy your walking stick with no handle. So, consider the most comfortable grip that fits your situation. Thankfully, most handles are made from wood, rubber, foam, and plastic. While a wooden handle is durable, a foam type offers more comfort. So, choose a handle based on your specific needs. In addition, ensure the grip you pick fits your palm.  

6. It Should Have A Wrist Strap:

For added safety, always choose a walking stick with a strap. A strap keeps the walking stick fastened to your wrist. Also, it helps you grab your stick whenever you need it. Finally, it prevents the stick from slipping away. So, with a strap, your aid is always closer to you.

7. It Should Have A Suitable Tip:

It would be best if you also consider the tip of your stick. It can have a single or a quadruple end. Interestingly, each one has a specific usage. For instance, a single tip is ideal for seniors who want to ease some pressure from their bodies. In contrast, a quadruple tip is best for seniors with acute pains. So, a perfect end should grip the floor and absorb your weight without wearing off.

8. It Should Be Cost-effective:

Walking sticks come at varying prices. Often, this depends on the quality. Therefore, pick a walking stick that suits your budget. Again, this decision should align with your specific needs.

My Final Remarks On Walking Sticks for Seniors

Remember, walking sticks aren't pieces of decorated wood. They are therapeutic aids for varying people, including seniors. Therefore, they are essential walking companions for you. As a senior citizen, don't think your active years are over. In moderation, you can rekindle them.

Thankfully, you can turn your inactive lifestyle into a healthy one with a walking stick. Studies have shown the incredible benefits of using a walking stick for seniors. First, a walking stick would improve your posture by providing balance and stability.

Second, it would reduce your risk of diabetes by balancing your blood sugar levels. In addition, using a stick would help you reduce weight by burning calories. This alone would protect you from several ailments associated with obesity. Also, you'll live a healthy and joyous lifestyle.

But to enjoy these benefits, pick your walking stick with caution. Thankfully, you have some pointers to guide your decision. A few of these include advice from your physician, suitable stick height, comfortable handle, and cost-effectiveness.

Finally, keep in mind that a walking stick can help you live an active and blissful lifestyle.