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US Military Veterans Apply Here

Hi There :)

If you are a US Military veteran and currently live in Columbus, Ohio, please fill out the form below. We plan to expand to other areas but for now, we are only located in Columbus, Ohio.


We can bring the work to you and adjust hours based on your needs. We are also working on a centralized shop location for those that would like to work in the River Walking Sticks workshop.


Starting pay is $15.00 per hour. Here are some different job duties.

✪ Installing custom leather wraps on the walking sticks
✪ Custom laser engraving

✪ Placing our leather logo and bio on the walking stick

✪ Fitting and securing the rubber stopper on the walking stick

✪ Adding custom accessories to the sticks

✪ Boxing, shipping, and customer service


Please fill out the form below with the following information.

✔ The year you were enlisted in the US Military

✔ The area of Columbus, Ohio that you live in

✔ The number of hours you would like to work monthly

✔ The reason you would like to work for River Walking Sticks

As demand for our walking sticks increases, we will hire more and more veterans. If you do not receive a callback, that means we are fully staffed but will keep you on the list and contact you as we expand. Thank you for your service.

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