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Laugh More Walking Stick
Laugh More Walking Stick

Laugh More Walking Stick

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This laugh more rustic looking walking stick signifies that you should always find humor in your life. Laughter reduces stress, helps your soul, relaxes your mind, and strengthens the heart.

✔ 100% Natural wood handcrafted and weatherproof
✔ Genuine leather wrist strap

✔ Rubber stopper to grip the ground
✔ A Bio of the Military veteran that worked on your walking stick
✔ Lifetime Warranty! Built to last and looks amazing
✔ 55" tall, lightweight, & durable for indoor or outdoor use

Custom Add-Ons at Checkout:
✪ Add an authentic, vintage Military button into your stick
( Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, US Flag, USA button )
✪ Built-in Compass to help guide the way